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 mp4demuxer --input-file input.mp4 --output-folder tmp mp4demuxer --input-file input.mp4 --output-folder tmp
 mp4muxer --dv-profile 5 --input-file tmp\out_1.h265 --input-file tmp\out_2.ec3 --output-file movie.mp4 mp4muxer --dv-profile 5 --input-file tmp\out_1.h265 --input-file tmp\out_2.ec3 --output-file movie.mp4
-mp4box.exe -brand mp42isom -ab dby1 -no-iod -add "movie.mp4" -add "tmp\" -new "outfinal.mp4" +mp4box.exe -brand mp42isom -itags cover=cover.jpg -ab dby1 -no-iod -add "movie.mp4" -add "tmp\" -new "outfinal.mp4"
-atomicparsley outfinal.mp4 --artwork cover.jpg+
 pause pause
 </code> </code>
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