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Japanese Manufacturers

Very good, but can be faked.

Marking Brand
Empty rectangle Chemi-Con
KZE, KZJ, KZG Chemi-Con
[M] Panasonic
Rubycon Rubycon
Sanyo Sanyo
Nichicon Nichicon

Taiwan Manufacturers

Marking Brand
Teapo Teapo


The normal lifespan of a non-solid electrolytic capacitor of consumer quality, typically rated at 2000 h/85 °C and operating at 40 °C, is roughly 6 years. It can be more than 10 years for a 1000 h/105 °C capacitor operating at 40 °C. Electrolytic capacitors that operate at a lower temperature can have a considerably longer lifespan.

Nominal Value 105°C 2 000h 95°C 85°C
Real temp 95°C 4 000h 2 000h -
Real temp 85°C 8 000h 4 000h 2 000h
Real temp 75°C 16 000h 8 000h 4 000h
Real temp 65°C 32 000h 16 000h 8 000h
Real temp 55°C 64 000h 32 000h 16 000h
Real temp 45°C 128 000h 64 000h 32 000h


This rule characterizes the change of thermic polymer reactions speed within the specified degradation limits. According to this formula the theoretical expected service life of a 2000 h/105 °C polymer capacitor, which is operated at 65 °C, can be calculated (better estimated) with about 200,000 hours or approximately 20 years.

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