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Microsoft Windows OS

15.9GB Memory

I have 32GB RAM but only 15.9GB are usable.
There may be 2 problems

Problem Solution
You have Windows Vista - 7 / Home Edition Upgrade your OS to Windows 10 for free
Problem with computer BIOS Flash your motherboard BIOS to latest from manufacturer website

Memory limits by OS

OS Architecture Memory Limit
Windows * 32bit 4GB minus HW address space
Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit 8GB SW Limited
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit 16GB SW Limited
Windows 7 Pro 64bit 192GB
Windows 8 64bit 128GB
Windows 8 Pro 64bit 512GB
Windows 10 Home 64bit 128GB
Windows 10 Pro 64bit 2TB
Linux * 32bit 4GB - 1/3GB and 2/2GB
Linux * 64bit 64TB

Under 32bit Windows single process cannot use more than 2GB RAM.
Under 32bit Linux there are two configurations 1GB (default) and 2GB (not standard).

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