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LXC Images

LXC in Proxmox


Restore unmanaged LXC container

working with any linux distro
cmode shell (no login)

pct restore 100 vzdump-openvz-100-xxx.tar.gz -storage=local-lvm -ostype=unmanaged -cmode shell

Mount LXC container for maintenance

pct mount CTID

to mount a container's volumes to /var/lib/lxc/CTID/rootfs/

Share DELL Compact Flash


mp0: /mnt/cflash,mp=/mnt

Transfer files to LXC

“pct pull” and “pct push” to transfer files from and to running containers
“pct exec” and “pct enter” to run individual commands or to spawn a shell inside a running container

Service cannot start

Systemd related - remove this line


Background services from command line terminated after start (rc.local for example)

options disable /dev/console

Low security better IO

pct restore CTID backup.tar.gz --rootfs local:0

This is identical to “simfs” in OpenVZ but unsecured.

/dev/X /c ext4    defaults,noatime,nodiratime,nobh,commit=40,barrier=0,data=writeback 0 2


Turn off ACL

lxc.rootfs.options = noatime

Move LXC from loopback to filesystem

sudo vzdump 100 -compress lzo -dumpdir /var/lib/vz/dump -mode snapshot -remove 0
sudo pct restore 100 /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-lxc-101-xxx.tar.lzo --rootfs local:0

LXC Container information

lxc-info -n ID
Name:           105
State:          RUNNING
PID:            2744
CPU use:        291440.41 seconds
Memory use:     5.01 GiB
KMem use:       0 bytes
Link:           veth105i0
 TX bytes:      179.15 GiB
 RX bytes:      109.61 GiB
 Total bytes:   288.76 GiB



Custom LXC Stop

lxc.signal.stop value in your container's config. For example, SIGKILL

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