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Service Decomposition
Monolithic SOA Microservices
No granularity o Some granularity oo Fine granularity ooooo


  • The services are easy to replace
  • Not dependent on programming language
  • Best / finest granularity
  • Each service is elastic, resilient, composable, minimal, and complete
  • Continuous delivery software
  • Do one thing well (The services are small - fine-grained to perform a single function)
  • Decentralized
  • Independent
  • Low / stable latency

The functionality of the service may not be so simple that the output of the service always needs to be combined with another service's functionality.

Things to resolve

  • Auto service discovery
  • Monitoring
  • Loadbalancing of course


  • Containers (LXC, OpenVZ or Docker)
  • Image is the version
  • Test and deploy same artifact (image)
  • Stateless servers decrease change risk


  • Geo Located
  • Resource Pool
  • Grouping Related Instances with Containers
  • Start empty, dynamically scalable

Microservices Map

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