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Minimum nodes = 5

Install OpenStack in LXC on CentOS 7


yum install centos-release-openstack-newton
yum upgrade
yum install python-openstackclient memcached


yum install openstack-dashboard



systemctl restart httpd.service memcached.service

URL: /dashboard/

Keystone Identity Manager

yum install openstack-keystone python-keystoneclient

Install OpenStack on UBUNTU

Install OpenStack All-in-one-Machine

Openstack Blocks

Dashboard - Horizon

Web front end to the other OpenStack services

Object Store - Swift

Swift is conceptually similar to Amazon S3

Image catalog and repository - Glance

Image (Glance) can store the actual virtual disk files in the Object Store(Swift)
Glance provides many of the same features as Amazon’s AMI catalog

Compute - Nova

Create or destroy XEN, KVM, VMware, LXC, OpenVZ machines
Nova is conceptually similar to Amazon EC2

Identity - Keystone

Keystone is an OpenStack service that provides API client authentication, service discovery.

Network - Quantum

Provides virtual networking for Compute

Block Storage - Cinder

Provides storage volumes for Compute
Cinder provides block services similar to Amazon Elastic Block Storage

Openstack Architecture

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