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Micro Cloud (Hybrid) Architecture DRAFT


Basic Topology

Firewalls are templates linked to VPS instance

Integration Schema

Service Flow

CEPH SD Storage Schema

Exabyte storage scaleout with Geocluster and autoscaling
© 2015 Jian Zhang Intel CEPH software optimizations for cloud workloads

Software Stack

Cloud Core Infrastructure (IaaS)

Type Cloud Service Description CPU support
Compute Nodes and Management AWS EC2 replacement with cloudinit support ARM support
Openstack Full, but as LEGO style YES
Proxmox Light, but EASY to implement YES
– LXC may deploy container templates – both have native CEPH support
SD Storage (Object, Block, File) Scaleout AWS S3 compatible and EBS replacement
CEPH SD Storage Hyperconverged or PetaSAN YES
SD Load Balancer, Cache AWS ELB / Citrix Netscaler replacement
NGINX or AlibabaCloud clone YES
WAF (Application Firewall)
OWASP® ModSecurity +nginx connector YES
SD Firewall AWS VPC, Security groups replacement
pfSense +platform integrated (VPS sandboxing) LIMITED
Integration + Enterprise Service Bus IBM WebSphere replacement
WSO2 Integrator YES
Mass webhosting
ISP Config YES
MQTT Platform AWS IoT core replacement
Mosquitto YES
Cloud Data Synchronization
Rclone YES
Infrastructure Monitoring System AWS CloudWatch replacement
NetXMS agent only
Kubernetes Orchestrator AWS EKS replacement
Mikro K8s
Microsoft Windows Windows Infrastructure $$$ not recommended
1x Datacenter - dedicated HW Xx Server Standard on KVM no/LIMITED
XXX users CAL (client access licence) per user
Cloudinit for Windows

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Type Info Service Description Location
Services and Management API catalog WSO2 API Manager KVM or LXC
DB PostgreSQL CitusData (Sharding Cluster) KVM or LXC
DB PostgreSQL Postgresql KVM or LXC
DB MariaDB MariaDB with GalleraCluster KVM or LXC
DB AWS DynamoDB replacement ScyllaDB Alternator KVM or LXC
Storage AWS S3 Ceph version CEPH Cluster

Product as a Service (PaaS)

Type Name Service Description Location
Web Publishing Info Wordpress ISPConfig
Web Storage Network Drive NextCloud * can use AWS S3 ISPConfig, LXC or KVM
Bug Tracking Bug Tracking Mantis Bug Tracker ISPConfig
Forum Discussion Forum VanillaForums ISPConfig
Knowledge Base Wikipedia DokuWiki ISPConfig

Hardware suppliers

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